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Dog Health and Fitness

Dog walker on beach,,

Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker

Since I had problems with WordPress and couldn’t complete the A-Z blogging challenge in the month of April, I will be spreading out my posts throughout May. “W” is for…

Kayo the dog jumping 6ft high -,

Dogs’ Needs from A-Z: Joint Care

Though dogs are built with agility and senses that can be called extreme when compared to humans, like humans, their bodies wear as they age. Senses lessen, internal systems slow…

Kayo the dog on wood chips,

The All-Terrain Dog Walk

After this weekend, I decided to claim Kayo as the all-terrain dog. Now that my dog training apprenticeship is underway, our weekends are amazing. We were already very active each…

Dog Businesses


Rescue Bling Is the New Thing @WagAware #Giveaway

Happy Wordless Wednesday! If you haven’t heard of WagAware and the the new and creative way they’re working to end dog homelessness, Kayo and I absolutely recommend that you check…

Dog Training

Kayo the dog dock diving

Starting Dock Diving With My Dog

I’ll start by saying that I’m no pro at teaching dock diving. I really can’t even call myself a novice. But it’s a sport that a trainer recommended for Kayo…

Kayo the dog in a down stay with distractions,

The Prerequisite to Training Any Dog

I love the phrase that Cesar Millan often uses: “You don’t always get the dog you want but you always get the dog you need.” One often hears him using…

Balanced Dog Training Part I: The Basics

When talking about our dogs, there’s nothing that fuels more heated discussion than dog training. Whether talking about methods, beliefs or┬ástudies, discussions on dog training can become explosive quickly. I…

Simone, the pug making eye contact - boingydog

10 Ways to Praise Our Dogs Without Food

We don’t always think about how, when or why we praise our dogs. While giving our dogs praise can be a fun way to connect, it oftentimes serves us more…